There are dragons in East Lothian, and it’s your job to catch them!

Join the Dragon Protection League this October at Dragons of Drummohr, and help the Laird of Drummohr get back home.

The Dragon Protection League has joined forces with East Coast Buses to get as many new recruits as possible to Drummohr House.

We are offering one family ticket on a day of your choice to a lucky competition winners – just retweet/share and like @EastCoastBuses and @VMDragonMatrix on Facebook or Twitter!

We will announce a winner on Tuesday 10th October.

A Grade 7 Red Dragon has crash landed in the forests of Drummohr, sending the Laird running in a flash of fire and smoke.

Dragons are an endangered species. Much like our rhinos and elephants, they have been hunted to near extinction. The DPL needs your help to get this Red Dragon off the ground and into safety.

Many magical creatures are hiding in the brightly lit trees and under singing flowers, they need to all be found before they cause too much mischief.

Surrounded by incredible sculptures, interactive light installations and huge puppetry, this is an event for the inquisitive and adventurous. Follow the clues, peek round corners, but don’t talk to the Troll Hunter! Interact with fairies, trolls and unicorns using the Dragon Matrix app (free to download from the App or Play Store), and find out where Dan and Petra have gone.

This is a new and unique event in East Lothian set in the grounds of the mysterious, forgotten Drummohr Mansion.

Our service 104 will take directly there and services 106, 113 and 124 to within walking distance of the event.

Suspend your disbelief and find the dragon this October.