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Did you know Trip Advisor has over 455 million users and lists over 7 million accommodations, restaurant and attractions?

It’s often people’s first reference point before making any trip.

Now you can find out about our services on Trip Advisor too.

Wherever you are looking to travel in beautiful East Lothian, we can get you there., Dunbar, North Berwick, Gullane and Pencaitland are just some of our destinations.

If you have used our services before, we would love for you to leave a review or share your photos so everyone can learn about our buses.

So far, feedback has included:

‘Regularly travel with East Coast Buses. A warm welcome from friendly drivers who get you from A to B in comfort and style. Superb buses and great value for money!’

‘Definitely the most presentable buses on the road at the moment. I don’t travel by bus often but after a recent journey with a very nice driver, I’d happily travel again.’