EastCoastbuses Fare Review 2020

EastCoastbuses has today (January 9) announced that fares will be revised across the company from Sunday February 2, 2020.

The fare review will see the company’s fares increase with adult singles fares increasing by 10p across all zones. Child singles will also be increasing by 10p across all zones. However up to three children under five can travel for free with any fare paying customer.

Adult DAYtickets for our County and CountyPLUS tickets will increase by 50p, with their child DAYticket equivalents increasing by 20p. There will be a 50p increase in our County family DAYtickets however no increase will be applied on our CountyPLUS family DAYtickets.

Our Adult Network DAYtickets will increase by £1 and a 50p increase will be applied to our Child Network DAYtickets.

There will also be revised M-ticket and Ridacard fares, with new Adult x 10 M-ticket bundles being introduced.

Nigel Serafini Commercial Director at Lothian, said: “EastCoastbuses is committed to providing environmentally sustainable, best value travel. As our operating costs continue to rise and we continue to invest in fleet, people, training and our customer offering, we will be making changes to fares from 2 February.

“98p of every £1 we receive in fares goes directly back into the running of our business and provision of services. Across the last decade we have invested heavily in cleaner, greener buses for the benefit of all our customers and our capital city, lessening the impact on the environment, while continuing to develop and provide a comprehensive network of services across the Edinburgh city region.

“As well as continuing our investment in new environmentally friendly vehicles across 2020, we are currently in the process of renewing our Real Time Customer Information system. This system plays a vital role in helping us monitor and control services, as well as allowing customers to track bus arrivals.

“Our revised fares continue to represent excellent value for money and remain amongst the lowest in the UK.”

East Coast Buses Fares Change, Sunday 2 February 2020

Revised Single Fares

                                                  Adult                             Child                  Eligible YoungScot

1 zone (or 2 zones if city a + county b) +10p £1.80 +10p £0.90 +10p £1.20
2 or 3 zones +10p £2.80 +10p £1.40 +5p £1.85
4 zones +10p £3.80 +10p £1.90 +5p £2.50
5 zones +10p £4.80 +10p £2.40 +10p £3.20
6 zones +10p £5.80 +10p £2.90 +10p £3.85

Revised Day Tickets

                                                  Adult                             Child                            Family

County +50p £5.50 +20p £2.70 +50p £12.50
CountyPLUS +50p £8.00 +20p £3.70 No change £18.00
Network DAYticket +£1.00 £10.00 +50p £5.00 n/

Other Revisions

Up to 3 accompanied children under 5 can now travel free with any fare paying passenger

Revised m-ticket bundles

Adult x28 bundle Adult x10 bundle
Adult county Day Tickets +£7.00 £105.00   NEW   £40.00
Adult countyPLUS Day Tickets +£11.00 £165.00   NEW   £60.00

Revised Ridacard Prices (Legacy ‘Lothian Country Buses’ Ridacards for zones C & D)

                          Adult                                   Child                                  Student

1 week C +£1.00 £28.00 +£1.00 £16.00 +£1.00 £23.00
4 week C +£3.00 £84.00 +£3.00 £48.00 +£3.00 £69.00
Annual C -£105.00 £840.00 -£60.00 £480.00 -£102.00 £690.00
Annual C

Direct Debit

+£60.00 £960.00

£80.00 p/m

+£24.00 £528.00

£44.00 p/m

+£36.00 £780.00

£65.00 p/m

1 week D +£1.00 £31.00 +£1.00 £18.00 +£1.00 £26.00
4 week D +£3.00 £93.00 +£3.00 £54.00 +£3.00 £78.00
Annual D -£120.00 £930.00 -£72.00 £540.00 -£120.00 £780.00
Annual D

Direct Debit

+£60.00 £1,056.00

£88.00 p/m

+£36.00 £600.00

£50.00 p/m

+£48.00 £888.00

£74.00 p/m